Monday, August 24, 2015


And to make it worse, he got canned for Ron Washington. What a crock of crap. I am very curious why that would even happen. More on that in a second...

It's a small story here, but it gives me an excuse to drop for Yankee, Mike Gallego's name.  You know, #2 before Derek Jeter.

According to Hardball Talk: "... the A’s have done it, replacing Mike Gallego with ex-Rangers manager Ron Washington."

Apparently Gallego was "relieved of his duties", but I gotta tell you, I'm no fan of Washington and I was a fan of Gallego with the Yankees and I remember moments with the A's.

Was Gallego really that bad at being a third base coach? Really? How difficult is that job anyway?  I pose that question to BYB Hub contributor and BBST (Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk) head, Jen Rainwater...

Hey Jen, was Mike that bad? What are you hearing out there in Oakland?

Anyway, I wish Gallego well.  A good dude.  Hey, did I mention I'm no fan of Ron Washington?

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