Monday, August 3, 2015


When I last left the BYB audience with the world famous (not really) #JEETDONTTWEET hashtag, it was back in 2011, if you can believe it.   I wrote a piece about how Derek Jeter is just not on the social networks, and who knows if he'll ever be on them. My opinion was simple... I doubted it.  The piece was called WHY WON'T JEET TWEET? and in it, we wrote:

"Why in the hell would Derek Jeter tweet? I've had this debate with a twitter pal of mine... Nicole...and I am doing my best convincing that there is no way in hell that Derek Jeter will ever tweet...ever. Not only ever, never. I usually will write a note and follow it up with #Jeetdonttweet. I mean, let's face the reality of it, the guy barely gives reporters anything in a post game, what makes you think he'd poor out his dirty laundry on Twitter?"

Since then, it's been a game. Every once in a while either myself or Nicole Hart, (follow her on Twitter @NHartOn10 ) will try and figure out ways to get Jeet to Tweet. I mean, we all know that his sister Sharlee is the Bomb and probably runs the Turn 2 Foundation Twitter handle, but who knows... maybe it's Jeter.

Well... BREAKING NEWS.  I just got a note from Hart. It was kind of hilarious:

"This is as close to my dream as I'll ever get... haha! I may or may not have shrieked when I got this tweet from Jeet..."
My response was simple, because Nicole's awesome:

"OK seriously. You're a nerd but I love it."

That's a close bond. I say that because I have been writing this blog since 2010, and Nicole Hart and I are still breaking chops about Derek Jeter and whether or not he'll ever tweet... SINCE 2011.  Yup... it's 2015... that's amazing to me!

Friends for life? Probably.  That's what we do here at BYB.  It's the bond.  We've met incredible people here over the years, and we just continue to bond year after year.  You know what? I want to still be in touch with Hart when Jeter actually DOES Tweet.  When it actually says Derek Jeter up there, with the handle @TheCaptainNumber2, and he writes something like:

Gotta love that.

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