Friday, August 28, 2015


Hub love is when I reach out to blogs on the BYB Hub and we build a dialog.  I've done it with Greedy Pinstripes.  I've done it with Section 36... and I just did it with BBST and Jen Rainwater. Why? Well, I was curious...

Earlier this week I noticed that former Yankee Mike Gallego, the third base coach for the Oakland A's got canned and replaced by former Rangers manager Ron Washington.  I wrote in REMEMBER MIKE GALLEGO? HE GOT CANNED,  

"Was Gallego really that bad at being a third base coach? Really? How difficult is that job anyway?  I pose that question to BYB Hub contributor and BBST (Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk) head, Jen Rainwater...

Hey Jen, was Mike that bad? What are you hearing out there in Oakland?"

Well, Jen posted Hey, Jen, was Mike Gallego really that bad? and responded... and I'm glad she did.  Jen wrote:

"He was a member of the 1989 World Championship team as well as two A’s American League Championship teams. We have fond memories of the man too. So here is what I do know.
Almost everyone adored “Wash” while he was with the Athletics and some had hoped that he would be made manager one day, that job later went to Bob Geren.  So we were sorry to see Washington go when he took the managerial position offered to him by the Texas Rangers and went on to manage the team to two straight American League Pennants, as the Athletics struggled. 
Despite his more recent transgressions, Washington is a true talent when it comes to mentoring players and coaching them in the infield. It must be a fact when six-time Gold Glove Award winner in  third baseman Eric Chavez, gave Washington one of his awards, signing with not just with his name but with the words, 

“Wash, not without you…”

Look. In the end, Washington is back in Oakland is clearly, that's a good thing for A's fans.  It is true... I like to stir the pot a bit.  I mean, Gallego is a former Yankee.  I liked the dude while he was in New York, so for me, it was personal.  Sure, Washington is a good coach and manager, but I never had an attachment to the guy like I do Gallego. Plus the cocaine stuff with Washington disturbs me.  Maybe it's just me being prude, who knows, but I don't like it.  I know, I know, people that makes mistakes should be forgiven.  I hear you...

Will Gallego survive? Oh sure he will.  He's a good baseball man.  Sometimes I just side with a Yankee... that's all.

Thanks for continuing the banter Jen.

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