Wednesday, July 29, 2015


That quote came in a text form from a friend of mine that put a call into one of his friends at the New York Yankees. Whether or not they were allowed to actually say anything to him is another post for another time...

"We're definitely in on Price" doesn't seem earth shattering, but it definitely let's us see that something is happening when it comes to the Yankees and starting pitching and the trade deadline. Yankee fans are chomping at the bit.

Now, as I expressed in PRICE & CESPEDES ARE AVAILABLE... YOU IN?, the idea of Price in pinstripes is appealing because we need pitching, he's a lefty and he's a good pitcher, but you gotta wonder if the guy can handle a place like New York.  Tampa Bay and Detroit aren't the same.  I personally want to see David in New York. One good outing and he's on his way.

Cespedes on the other hand... eh. I mean, I could take him or leave him, especially if it means us holding onto guys like Aaron Judge, Luis Severino and Greg Bird. I'd rather have the kids. But you know as well as I... the Tigers will try to package these guys and they will want prospects... and they will want alot of them. 

According to Jayson Stark of ESPN:
Well, there you go and that goes back to my buddy's insider with the New York Yankees.

What they would give up? Who knows, but for me personally, I have always have been of the belief that the Yankees liked Price or James Shields.  I just have a gut feeling it's gonna be Price.  If Cash is smart, the big 3 won't be included in that deal.

And remember my prediction of Rob Refsnyder? Yup... he'd be part of that deal... trust me.

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