Thursday, July 30, 2015


What happened last night to Mets player Wilmer Flores should never happen.  In fact, there are procedures in place so it doesn't happen.  The Mets were trying to hammer out a deal, I get that, but if a player is involved in a deal, that player is pulled for 2 main reasons;  They don't want to player about to be traded get hurt and jeopardize the trade, and secondly, emotionally, they want you at your best.  The Mets proved to many of us last night that they are not a well oiled machine and have no regard for the players they employ, as well as their manager, who apparently was left out of their decision.  Sad.

Baseball moves fast and furious. In a trade that would have sent Carlos Gomez to Queens and Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores to Milwaukee... well... there was a problem.  Flores was on the field even though at that moment, he'd been traded.

Now the trade never happened.  Apparently there was alot of chatter about Zack Wheeler and 'concerns' over him after Tommy John Surgery.  That was quickly dismissed.  It turned out the real issue was Carlos Gomez.  The Mets were concerned about his hip:
Now Scott Boras tried to squash it saying that Gomez has never had a hip issue and said: "Carlos Gomez has never seen a hip doctor and has never had a hip issue in his playing career. Anyone who suggests that is inaccurate and baldly misrepresenting the truth of the player’s condition..."  What's the truth? I don't know, it's a mess, and that leads to speculation...

Did the Mets make it up because the whole trade went down so badly on social media and on their broadcast? I mean, think about this; In the post game, Terry Collins claimed he didn't even know Flores was traded.  The Mets look unorganized and unprofessional at that point. So maybe when the world saw Flores in tears on the field, Mets brass realized they messed up big time and pulled out, claiming the Gomez hip was bad.  Or, maybe Gomez DOES have a bum hip.  Whatever the case, emotions ran deep last night.

Honestly, the scene of Flores crying on the field was heartbreaking. Of course, my big question is why was he left on the field if he was traded? I'd like to give the Mets the benefit of the doubt here, and say that maybe the trade wasn't as near completion as many are reporting it to have been. At the time, the basics of the trade seemed to have been laid out hours before the game started.  Maybe they weren't expecting it to go through. Really tough to say.

Whatever the case... the deals dead and Flores lives another day with the Mets, an organization he'd been with since he was 16 years old.   That being said, shame on the Mets... they blew this one, leaving Flores to be on display, analyzed, and perhaps ridiculed.

It was pretty crappy on the Mets part, I have to say.  If I'm Flores... I now want out of Queens... it's about respect.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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