Monday, July 6, 2015


An interesting nugget that Andrew Marchand of ESPN wrote about.  Now it's merely speculation as it was for me when we wrote SURE THE YANKEE DEFENSE IS SHODDY, BUT WHAT TO DO?. Back when I wrote that in April, I was convinced the Yankees "cooled" on Rob Refsnyder:

"It's my opinion that they really don't have much of an interest in bringing up Refsnyder..."

I stick by that. I mean sure, they could bring him up but I believe it would be a showcase to flip him. I honestly don't think the Yankees really feel like they need the guy anymore. I feel like that would be a big mistake... and that brings me back to Andrew Marchand.

He writes: "There are some on social media who believe Brian Cashman should just make a deal for Drew's replacement. Cashman has looked around, but has not found anyone better who is available. Drew does play good defense and hits some home runs. It is not good enough, but it may be better than the alternatives.

The Yankees are not set up to make a big deal anyway because they want to preserve their top youth and do not want future salary issues to weigh down their long-term planning. If the Yankees do make a relatively big trade, Refsnyder is the type of guy who may go.

(In Photo: Aaron Judge)
He is a prospect, but he is a tad below the Yankees' top-tier guys, such as Aaron Judge and Luis Severino, whom they don't want to deal."

Those bold portions are key, and while many will gloss over them, they shouldn't be glossed over. The reality is, the Yankees for some reason like Stephen Drew.  They have used Jose Pirela and he's done some good things, but not enough.

Look, if it was me, I make a hard left, and throw Refsnyder the job A.S.A.P. and see what he can do.  The reality though is I just think the Yankees will end up giving him up and rotate Pirela and Drew at second to get through the season.  Do I agree with it? Nope... but the Yanks do that kind of thing... and I guess this post is about telling you it's gonna happen.

Let's hope not though. I really want to see Ref in the Bigs... in pinstripes.

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