Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Last night's win wasn't about the Yankees beating the Rangers.  It was about all the Yankees and the crap press they've received since the winter. It was about getting past the ARod controversy, the gelling of a team or lack there of sometimes. It was about the Girardi binder and the retirement of Derek Jeter one season before.  It was symbolic, an announcement to Yankee fans if you will;  We have arrived!  We walked through landmines far too long!  We, the New York Yankees are here... and we want a championship!  It was the big payback for all the trash talk!

Watch... they'll score 1 run tonight...

Huge win for the Yankees last night, but it didn't start like that at all.  Chris Capuano started for the Yankees.  He went 0.2 innings giving up 5 runs in no time flat.  He was horrible.

A buddy of mine texted me and said "The Yanks were showing off Capuano just in case a team wanted him in a trade.  It backfired... we'll be stuck with this guy forever."  Maybe he was right, maybe not, but the start of Capuano was silly.  Yankee hearts were deflated at that point.  Then something happened...

In the second inning, Chase Headley singled knocking in Chris Young.  Then Brendan Ryan doubled knocking in 2.  After that, it was Jacoby Ellsbury singling in 1.  Next... Brett Gardner singled in Ryan.

Alex Rodriguez then doubled knocking in 1. Headley was back at the plate again and knocked in another. Didi Gregorius then tripled scoring 3.  And a guy that's doing all he can to be a contributor... contributed again.  Brendan Ryan doubled to knock in the 11th run of the inning.

In the 3rd, Chris Young hit a Grand Slam. But he wasn't done.  He was back in the 4th to double in another run.

John Ryan Murphy then showed up to single and knock in Garrett Jones.

In the 9th, Gardy stuck a finger in the Texas eye... hitting a 2 run homer... and just like that, the Yankees stomped on the Rangers 21-5.

Big tip of the cap to the Yankee relief by the way.  They held the Rangers to 5 runs and 3 hits literally the entire game.  That's team work.

Damn, what a game.

Final: Yankees 21 - 5

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