Thursday, July 23, 2015


Pearly as in pearly white shoes. Personally, I think the whole thing is overblown.

 But apparently wearing white baseball cleats is a high crime in baseball. Brett Gardner has been officially and unofficially warned about wearing the offending shoes during a game ever again. You can't make this stuff up.

"Several warnings already," Gardner said. "Unofficial and official. From the bottom all the way to the top, so, it was a one-time thing." He said the warnings came from the league and from the team.

It all happened during Sunday's game. Brett Gardner, in his first ever All-Star game, was given the cleats as a gift. He liked them, but couldn't wear them because the American League was in visitors uniform. So he brought them to the clubhouse upon his return. C.C. Sabathia saw them and liked them too. So much so that he made him wear them during his start on Sunday day.  "Hey um, if you don't have those white shoes on, you keep your little a** inside". Hey, that's what I would have said! Who hasn't had that happen to them? You see something you think looks cool and you want to wear it. You put on that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt and you wear it out in public, and you coax your family into wearing it too. Okay, that almost never happens. But you get the point.

It made the news that he wasn't fined. Wow. I could point out that baseball saw players do steroids, cheat on their wives, drink excessively, and always looked the other way. Or that the trade deadline is.coming up and we have some moves to make. Or that ... you know ... we're in a pennant race and need to win. Don't worry. I'll have to remember to delete those last few sentences before I publish this article, otherwise that could stir up controversy.

To finish this up, I have some good news to report. Some reporter actually asked Joe Girardi about the situation. He assured us that it's taken care of. Thank God. I'll be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

--Ike Dimitriadis, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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