Sunday, July 12, 2015


It's a charged headline, and for good reason.  You nor I or even Alex Rodriguez are perfect.  We all make mistakes... some of us make mistakes multiple times in our life.  Some of us are role models and we make mistakes... and many of us learn from our mistakes and grow as bigger and better people because of those mistakes.

I only write that because I liked what I saw from Alex Rodriguez in Fenway Park last night.   I'll take a bit from the Sporting News piece:

"Just put his year-long suspension aside for a minute and watch this great moment A-Rod had on Friday. After smashing a home run out of Fenway Park in Boston, the Yankees slugger handed off his batting gloves to an unsuspecting fan in the crowd."

And by the way... he's done this kind of thing before...

Right, but ARod is an asshole. 

Got it.

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