Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Quick note, and it's not a big surprise.... Chris Capuano is getting moved from the rotation and deposited in the bullpen when Masahiro Tanaka returns to the Yankees rotation this week.

According to many sources, but we'll use the New York Post on this one:

"With Masahiro Tanaka coming off the disabled list to start against the Mariners on Wednesday, it was easy to see Chris Capuano getting bumped from the rotation after three unimpressive starts since coming off the DL. And because Adam Warren has been the Yankees’ best starter recently, it was clear to understand he wasn’t going to the pen — even though he was a factor as a reliever a year ago."

That nugget comes from George King III and I would even suggest that the move to put Cap in the pen is also temporary as well.  I don't see the guy sticking around much longer this season... I think it's clear the experiment is over.  Sure, Cap's a lefty and we could always use a lefty there, but hell, we have Justin Wilson in there. Plus, there are so many better, qualified left handed pitchers I'd rather have.  Get Clay Rapada on the horn!

Whatever the case, I just wanted to share.  Enjoy this rainy Tuesday in the Tri-State area.

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