Friday, May 1, 2015


It was a cool, yet weird moment for me personally. You see, I'm a big fan of Garrett Jones and now that he's a Yankee, it's great for me to watch the guy play, but they haven't played him enough. Plus, when they pinch hit for him tonight, and ARod came up to the plate against a righty pitcher, I was very confused.  Why remove a lefty hitter? It didn't make sense.  Little did I know that Alex would crank out his 660th home run and essentially put the Yankees ahead of the Sox at that point. We ended up winning the whole damn thing tonight.  But again, it was a weird moment.  Yankeeland was excited, but many can't stand Alex Rodriguez.  I checked out Twitter immediately, surely I knew I could find a few haters.  But it was a mixed bag.

The bottom line is Yankee fans want the win, but ARod haters would rather 660 didn't happen. 

Baseball fans, fans that believe in forgiveness simply wished him his congratulations and they are happy to move on.  And yes, for me, I'm just happy to see the Yankee win, and for baseball... it was kind of a dramatic moment. 

Whatever the case, the game was a good one. CC Sabathia pitched well, and I like the fact that he only walked 1 batter.  In the end though, he didn't get the win. It instead went to Esmil Rogers who relieved CC in the 7th.

The Yankees scored first tonight when Carlos Beltran doubled knocking in Jacoby Ellsbury.  The Red Sox came back, scoring 2 runs. Then in the 7th, Brian McCann singled knocking in Didi Gregorius.  That's when the 8th happened, and with Junichi Tazawa pitching, they pulled Jones and ARod walked up to the plate.

The boos were loud, after all, it's Fenway. It was one of those moments where you know Alex will either strike out, or homer, but you really didn't think he'd homer. You know what I mean?  Well, he did and it was dramatic.

After that, Betances and Miller came in and shut the Sox down.  For Miller, it was save number 9.

In the end, ARod is number 4 on the All-Time home run list.  Say what you will about it, but as long as suspensions are fulfilled and baseball doesn't kick these offenders out of the game, no asterisk will be placed on any of these guy's records.  It's one of those things.  Home runs help baseball, and baseball needs the fans, and so, if the offenders  "serve their time" after a suspension for PEDs... guess what? All is forgotten in baseball. That's because baseball is a business and they need to make money.  Home runs bring in fans and fans have money. You see where this is going...

Final: Yankees 3 - Red Sox 2

Congrats to Alex Rodriguez.  Clean, dirty, whatever.  I'm tired of fighting it.  It still takes talent to hit a ball over a fence, and you did it, 660 times in your career.  That's pretty amazing.

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