Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Sad, but true. It's only May and I know I should not have lost so much trust in him, but I have. I know he is better than this. He knows he is better than this! Sadly, we are getting some really bad moments from David Carpenter and it feels like he is turning into the red headed step child of the Yankee bullpen and I am sure it sucks to stick out like such a sore thumb in a really strong group of relievers. I need a drink just to get through his appearances lately....and I am not a heavy drinker!

I keep replaying all of the botched appearances so far in this short season. The fact that I keep replaying three of them is scary. I shouldn't be able to count this many! First, there was the Baltimore meltdown. Joe Girardi put him into the game in the sixth inning with a one run lead. That is not unfamiliar territory in his career. In less than a full inning of work, he allows three runs, two hits and a walk that cost us the game. It wasn't pretty. That game is still fresh in my head and this isn't a recent game!

How about his game against the Blue Jays last week? Girardi puts him in the game in a non-save situation. Michael Pineda pitched an amazing eight inning game and the Blue Jays weren't even on the board. Then here comes Carpenter again....and he gives up 3 runs in the ninth inning creating a save situation. I know the Jays have a good lineup but COME ON man. He had six runs worth of breathing room and he blew it! We need to give some of these other guys a break in the bullpen. With a six run lead there was no reason to need to bring Andrew Miller into the game. Sure, maybe Girardi was a little hasty to do that but when you see a guy slowly implode, you aren't going to just sit there watch it, and do nothing right? Bottom line Carpenter....if you can't handle a six run lead and pitch effectively what good are you?!

Then of course there was Monday night. Finally CC Sabathia gets his first win of the season. In the eighth inning Carpenter comes in for relief. He hits a batter, throws away a ball on a pick off attempt allowing the runner to go to second and gives up a run. Sure, it wasn't a close inning but the Yankees have got to get this guy straightened out. At this rate, the only time we will see him is when the Yankees can afford to give away runs. That is no way to manage a bullpen.

Sorry Carpenter, but if you can't get it together then you just got to go. We can't just use you when there is little risk to losing the game and we can afford to just give away runs. We need you to be able to pitch in high pressure situations and give nights off to Dellin Betances and Miller. You used to do that back in your days with Atlanta. WHERE IS THAT PITCHER?!

You are better than these shitty games you have appeared in. But the fact of the matter is I can't go to work the next morning with a strained voice because I was yelling and screaming at you from my living room. Capeesh? Get it together!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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