Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Quick note on a former Yankee that I wish we held onto.  According to reports, Zoilo Almonte was outrighted by the Braves:
So yes, if you hear all these terms and have no idea what outrighted means, it means the kid will still be part of the Braves organization, but he moves to the minors and it's clears a spot up in the 40 man roster for the Braves.

Definition is right here, courtesy of Ask Sports:

"Teams can also “outright” a player, which means sending a player to the minors and removing him from the 40-man roster. A player of at least 5 years of major-league service cannot be sent to the minors without his consent. He must be released if he refuses the assignment."

There you go. In my next lesson, I'll teach you all how to bunt.

Good luck to Zoilo.

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