Saturday, April 4, 2015


So it's not exclusively Dellin Betances... and it's not exclusively Andrew Miller.  It's both in the closer role... and that's just fine with me!

According to, the Yankees are going with both of them, a "co-closer" situation...

"After nearly seven weeks of spring training, Yankees manager Joe Girardi has embraced the idea of having co-closers. So, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller will share the ninth-inning spotlight."
Here's the thing, and this isn't a big deal.  If Miller comes in in the 8th, and Betances shuts them down in the 9th, and it works... they'll most likely stick with it. 

That goes the other way as well. But to be honest, what you don't want, and I deal with this in Little League too, is a bouncing around, going back and forth from game after game. Players sometimes need a defining role. As the closer role, you definitely need that. You just need consistancy, that's all.  Hopefully Girardi realizes that.

Betances was very diplomatic about the decision:

"The last three outs are very important. At the same time, me or whoever it is, we’re just trying to help the team win... If we can hand each other the baton in the bullpen, I think we’ll have a pretty good chance to win a lot of ballgames."
Look, I'm just happy the wait is over and we know.  I know what you're thinking, the decision isn't as important as curing cancer or trying to buy a house... but it's still important. The Yankees need a good sesaon, they really do.

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