Friday, April 24, 2015


I'm not an obnoxious Yankees fan, so for me, it makes no sense to hear Mets fans rip me and other Yankee fans for loving our team.  Mets fans came in hard today.  The Bronx was swarming with Mets fans. There were Mets hats all over the city as I was going to work this morning. Mets fans came in to make a statement. They've been bragging the passed few days about how great their winning streak is and that the "Yankees suck."  I didn't get it.  Look, I appreciate all the Mets have done this year, the Mets are good. But I'm not about to understand how in April, they've already won the World Series.  It's too early. I mean, can't we just have a nice Subway Series?  Everybody calm down.

Here's the good news.  Now maybe the Mets fans can quiet down a bit.  They lost tonight, the Yankees won 6-1.  Their streak is over.  There's a new game tomorrow. That's it.

Michael Pineda pitched a gem for the Yanks tonight.  He's 3-0 on the season.  He went 7.2 innings, he gave up 5 hits and only 1 run tonight.

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the first, Mark Teixeira hit a 2 run home run.  In the 3rd, Jacoby Ellsbury hit a solo shot. Then, BYB writer Mike O'Hara spit up his scotch when Mark Teixeira hit his second 2 run homer of the game, knocking in Alex Rodriguez.

In the end, Mets fans left quietly.  Yankee fans smiled, walking out of Yankee Stadium alittle taller... thinking, at least for tonight... "That will shut them up."

Final: Yankees 6 - Mets 1

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