Tuesday, April 7, 2015


When you come off a loss, maybe the timing is off, but I really don't want to see silliness of Yankee Videos on YESNetwork.com.  Well, I don't know what possessed me to click, but I did.

I took yesterday's Opening Day loss hard.  Many did.  Sure, it's the first game of the season. It virtually means nothing.  It also kind of means nothing that the Red Sox won.  It's literally game 1 of the entire season... but seeing these guys not perform the way we expected really annoys the crap out of me and I just needed to vent yesterday.  Bottom line... as I wrote in OPENING DUD, "...Jacoby Ellsbury 0-4. Carlos Beltran 0-3. Mark Teixeira 0-3. Chase Headley 0-3.  These are big boppers.  They need to bop." Guess what? I'm not wrong ladies and gentlemen.  And that takes me back to my horrible timing.

BYB writer Mike O'Hara and I are on the same page with all these Yankees video clips.  The bottom line is, while they appear pretty funny, things like 'Foul Territory' could be a helluva lot funnier if the Yankees and namely Mark Teixeira did what they paid to do. Contribute and win games...consistently.  When the Yankees DON'T win, and they keep putting out "hilarious" videos, they don't seem as "hilarious" as they are if we're on a winning streak.  I guess my thought is, why are they not taking extra at bats instead of filming? I mean, how many of those Foul Territory videos did they make?  I know... I know, this Foul Territory was filmed last year, but this is the one I clicked on and got annoyed.  It almost seems like the Yankees appear more engaged in trying to make people laugh, then do their real job. Maybe it's their way of acknowledging the fact that with Derek Jeter now gone... there really is no draw. I sound harsh, and angry... I'm not... I'm just annoyed.   That being said... here's that clip that set me off:

Maybe it's Teixeira just alittle too comfortable in his awkward role... but trust me, if he's batting .300, I DON'T CARE what he does.

Kudos to Brendan Ryan by the way. Love his Harry Caray, plus the guys hurt, not much more he can do right now, so in essence, watching him doesn't bother me. I guess I just have a hard-on for Tex right now. 

I apologize in advance. It's gonna be a long season.

Look, Brett Gardner contributed yesterday in that 6-1 loss.  I could care less about this little video clips of him stirring a pot with his baseball bat.

But Tex is on my radar.  No more jokes Mark... start hitting.

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