Thursday, April 30, 2015


No one likes Stephen Drew.  You gotta feel alittle bad for the guy.

 Look, there are things that need to be fixed on the Yankees.  Carlos Beltran isn't doing too well, and Stephen Drew, as much as I see the guy contributing, isn't doing enough at the plate. I'm sorry, batting .177 in the major leagues is terrible. 

Andrew Marchand of ESPN  had a Brian Cashman quote about Drew.  This was what Cash said:

"I think Drew's been fine. Right now, I'm not looking at anyone being an alternative at second base to Drew. I'm surprised you asked the question."

Surprised? Come on man. Do you know what the Mendoza line is?  Here's that definition: "The Mendoza Line is an expression in baseball in the United States, deriving from the name of shortstop player Mario Mendoza, whose mediocre batting average is taken to define the threshold of incompetent hitting. The cutoff point is most often said to be .200[1] (although Mendoza's career average was .215) and, when a position player's batting average falls below that level, the player is said to be 'below the Mendoza Line'"

Something should be done about Drew.   What would you do? Comment.

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