Monday, March 2, 2015


Just wanted to keep you in the loop on the Yankees.  They will play tomorrow in their first televised Spring Training game on YES. It's a Spring game and it doesn't mean jack squat and that's usually how I personally approach these games.  But let's be honest, there is no question that with all this snow in the Northeast, I will welcome baseball back into my life.  Even as a Little League coach this year, we're gearing up and struggling with training kids in gyms to get ready.  That just blows, bottom line. We need this snow gone. We need to play on a field where baseball is supposed to be played. Wait... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Yankees... and ARod and a funny development. Sorry...

Tuesday's game is televised. But Wednesday's game, the game in which ARod will make his debut... that won't be. My buddy texted me this today:

"Yanks are blocking ARod from Yankee fans. They hate him."

I simply wrote back, "Meh."  

I mean, is this strange that Alex's game isn't televised this week?  Apparently it is "outrageous" to my bud, but maybe Alex is just not ready.  My pal has always had a hunch that the Yankees just don't like Alex and this just falls in line with everything else he blabs to me about.  See, my buddy Joe likes watching Alex hit, but isn't a huge fan.  He is clearly a conspiracy theorist though. 

But here's the main thing;  Alex is a Yankee, and sooner or later we will see Alex.  But if you ask my friend Joe, he'd tell you that he's convinced that the Yanks want to keep this dude out of the public eye for as long as Hank is in his cage.  After all, when Hank was out of his cage, he was checking out Yoan Moncada and just a few days later, Moncada signed with the Sox. 

He thinks this is strategic, and so I ask you, are you with Joe on this one? Is this a strategic blackout or just the Spring?  Honestly, it's probably just the way it all fell together, but there is no doubt that millions of Yankee fans, love Alex or hate him, wanted to see him play a.s.a.p. 

I guess we just wait for his game... on Wednesday. No biggie. Oh and just so you know, Wally Matthews of ESPN said  the following:

"Girardi said Rodriguez -- who has been taking reps at third base and first base in training camp -- will be the designated hitter Wednesday and is likely to get two or three at-bats "depending on how often he hits and how long of a game it is, that sort of thing."

According to Girardi, their conversation about playing Wednesday consisted of two sentences.

"I just asked him, 'What do you think about Wednesday?,'" Girardi said. "And he said, 'Good.'"

Whatever the case... we'll wait, and to be honest, that's totally fine with me... because baseball is finally back tomorrow and I am freakin' psyched.

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