Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I know. It's the Spring... it really doesn't matter that the Yankees didn't score in game 2 of the Spring. But it will matter if the Yankees don't score during the regular season.  It's a game that was there for purely entertainment purposes today. It was a chance to see the Yankees play.  It was a chance to check out Nathan Eovaldi, Andrew Miller and even Alex Rodriguez, who, received both cheers and boos as he approached the plate. But keep the "Yanks didn't score" phrase in the back of your mind.  Put it on a Post-it, because come June, if the Yanks aren't scoring... you can remember today.

Here's the funniest part of watching Alex today.  When he got a hit with 2 strikes and got to first... there were only cheers.  The haters can say they hate Alex all day long, but they don't, and they won't if ARod performs.  That's the big pink phantom in the room.  It's a joke, and I just needed to point that out.

You want to know how Nathan Eovaldi did? I'll let former BYB writer Frank Gentry take this one:
Frank's right. But I'm not thinking that far ahead yet.  It's his first appearance in a Yankee uniform.  Overall, it was good to see the Yankees play. Except for 2 things today, I enjoyed the game.

1. Stephen Drew committed an error on the first play to him. Shouldn't surprise a single fan.  But remember, Cashman propped Drew up pretty good.  I would guess it surprised him.

2. The Yankees scored 1 run.  Why? I know it's one game, but let's figure this out now and not have to deal with us all scratching our heads all season long.  You know what I mean?

Yanks lost today... don't worry, we're not keeping count right now.

Final:  Phillies 3 - Yankees 1

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