Thursday, March 19, 2015


Give me a break Jonathan Lehman!

MY MOOD JUST GOT WORSE!  I just read a story in The National Enquirer…oh it wasn’t the Enquirer?  Well, it should have been. 

The tabloid drivel, written by Jonathan Lehman, claims Syracuse University’s Jim Boeheim took a shot at Yankee Captain Derek Jeter at his presser regarding the penalties the NCAA has issued the Orange hoops program. 

What Boeheim said was: "I’m not Derek Jeter. There will be no farewell tour.” Took a shot? Mocking?  No, but Lehman wrote:

"The cranky Syracuse coach addressed the media Thursday morning about his upcoming retirement and used the forum to take an unprovoked dig at Yankees icon Derek Jeter."

Come on Johnny... Coach Boeheim did NO SUCH THING!

Boeheim made a tongue in cheek comment saying that he won’t have a farewell tour a la Derek Jeter.  Boeheim merely was joking that outside the friendly walls of the Carrier Dome he is not exactly popular enough to be cheered and appreciated the way the great, Yankee legend was this past season.  But Lehman, acting like so many in the dying art of Sports writing, needed to make it seem like the collegiate coaching great would dare to thumb his nose at a New York icon like the Captain.

Look. I’m so sick and tired of the unbelievable way writers pick and chose who they will make a hero and who they will make a villain.  They will flat out make things up.  The story had ZERO to do with Jeter.  I watched the presser too.  How did that comment even blip the radar? It’s because Sports writers find more joy in fabricated scandals, rumors and believing that they are somehow better than the people they cover. 

No Sports writer was ever a hero on the field of play.  They didn’t coach a group of young men or women to a National title or help make them better people.  The Sports writer has degenerated into nothing more than a TMZ staffer.  The world continues to lose standards and credibility, and you don’t have to look very hard to see it in the World of Sports.


** No song for this one.  It’s just sad.**

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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