Thursday, March 12, 2015


This is a nice nugget and if you love Will Ferrell and baseball, well... this is a treat. The reporting started yesterday, that today, Will Ferrell will play all nine positions for various teams around the Cactus League.

I noticed these Tweets coming in:
And here's one too:
Of course, Ferrell isn't suiting up for the Yankees. I feel as though they are too corporate or just tight asses when it comes to this stuff.  Although, someone tweeted this of our pal Billy Crystal from a few years ago:

This whole thing with Ferrell reminds me of Andy Kaufman when he became a wrestler:

But what do you make of this?  I think today will be a fun day for Major League Baseball.  I've always enjoyed Ferrell. I know he's a sports guy and having him dart around in the Cactus League is going to be hysterical.  If you can catch a game and watch him work... go for it. Smart idea!

By the way, here's Will Ferrell when he appeared as a member of the Round Rock Express recently:

The dude's funny and hey, if this kind of stuff brings attention to baseball for people that aren't interested in it, let's do it!

Enjoy this... share it.  Good Idea Will! We love you at BYB!

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