Monday, February 23, 2015


Nothing if you're the Red Sox.

Right now, on paper, the Yankees lost big and the Red Sox made a major move signing Yoan Moncada.  According to reports and we'll go with Joel Sherman of the New York Post on this one:
Jesse Sanchez of had the initial report.

The Yankees quickly did their spin after the signing, as I predicted they would. AS ESPN put it, "Yankees didn't think Yoan Moncada was worth the risk". Marchand writes:
OK. A 19 year old is a "risk"?  Makes no sense to me. You know what a risk is? Stephen Drew

 Mike O'Hara, one of BYB's top writers put this out earlier today:
He couldn't be closer to the truth. Yankeeland is angry and once again, the Yankees look dysfunctional.  Sure, maybe you don't want to spend $60 million on a broken down 31 year old free agent, because, what happens next is usually a broken down player and wasted money.

But what's the harm in spending that on a 19 year old who's projected to be the real deal?  The Yankees need to wake up... because their reasoning for how they are choosing players these days is idiotic.

I want to leave you with this...

Baseball America's Ben Badler writes: "Once Moncada passes a physical and his contract becomes official, he will rank as the No. 10 prospect in baseball, making him Boston’s new No. 1 prospect."

Well... good for the Red Sox.  I'm no Sox fan, but I swear, I want to see Moncada do amazing things so maybe they'll shake up Yankee brass a bit. 

This was a blown call... the Yanks need to answer to the fans. In fact, I insist.

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