Thursday, February 26, 2015


Um... that's an actual headline from a reputable news source.  That's the Associated Press.  Seriously. Here it is:

A-Rod Hugs and Works out With Headley

Then they did something brilliant. They have a picture of the 2 of them post hug, but just enough so their hands are on each other to prove that it happened. 

OK, why?

It goes back to a piece that I read on Hardball Talk today.  Craig Calcaterra wrote: "I love the A-Rod insanity, obviously. More, please! But man, if it was my job to exclusively cover the New York Yankees, I feel like maybe I’d have been able to find some other angle by now."

Calcaterra's 10% right by the way. That was based off of a Bob Nightengale Tweet:
ARod insanity.  There is literally no news unless it's ARod news and guess what, ARod hugging a teammate is NOT ACTUALLY news.

I mean, am I taking crazy pills or something? By now everyone realizes that Alex Rodriguez is back in pinstripes and unless the guy literally murders someone or gets in trouble for taking PEDs again, the guys playing for us for the next 3 years.  By the way, ARod took BP today and fielded and who knows what else and he did it with his teammates.... but no, the hugging of a player that took his spot in the Yankees infield is news.

That was AP... again, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS... I guess journalism went out the window.

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