Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I have no actual beef with Jon Heyman other than the fact that I don't follow him as closely as other folks, partly because I have my favorites... and I find this photo of him absolutely hysterical.  I don't know why... maybe it just reminds me of a movie poster or something...


As I stated in THE SHIELDS DRAMA, Well... there's Shields drama. Baseball insiders are falling over other baseball insiders trying to get any nugget they can without using their own brain to give an intelligent commentary or opinion on the way things could pan out or should pan out.  No... instead, it's the "I know something they don't know" thing happening.   Don't know what I mean?  Check this out...

Earlier tonight, I wrote in that Drama piece... "As I've stated here numerous times, everyone has different sources, and the truth is, no one is right, until it's over.  That's usually when Jon Heyman shows up and Tweets, 'Look at me, I have the right answer!" That would then be followed up by a Ken Rosenthal tweet who then "tweaks" Heyman a bit, but is always courteous to give "bragging rights" credit.  He's nice."

Predictable? Yup.  Here's God Heyman tonight shortly after we went live with THE SHIELDS DRAMA:
We cited Sherman too. He's pretty smart when it comes to these types of rumors. But we also stated the obvious... if the Yankees were to fly under the radar, they could and would try to sign a Free Agent... simply because they can. Let's be honest, all I've seen from the naysayers about the Yankees not wanting Shields were tweets. No sources, no nothing.

Sure, make the argument that the Yankees have no real need for James Shields because they have Nathan Eovaldi and Chris Capuano. OK, but let me ask you a serious question... When CC Sabathia, God forbid has a setback, and Masahiro Tanaka, God forbid has tenderness in his arm... are you seriously excited about seeing Adam Warren and Chris Capuano man the rotation?

Are you? Because I'm sure as shit not.

And that's what's going through Brian Cashman's head right now. "We have a few bucks and could snatch up this stud cheap. The price is right. Why not try to bring Shields in?"

The Baseball insiders can blast Jon Morosi all they want. Remember, Morosi was the one with the initial Tweet suggesting the Yanks were in:
But put it this way, they're 50/50. Every single one of those baseball insiders are FIFTY, FIFTY! If the Yankees balk at Shields, the insiders are right.

If they don't sign the guy, all Heyman does is moves onto the next rumor and fouls that one up too.  And that's the business.... that's the game.  Play God, try to get final word and roll the dice along the way. Well, smart fans know what they're doing... and it's silly.

Finally, let me say this... and it's a reminder to what I've been telling you all for years now on BYB.  We're a fan site. We root for the Yankees.  We also root for good, smart stories to post here.

When it comes to the Shields story, I'm gonna be honest, I do NOT care what any of these insiders are saying about whether or not Shields signs in New York or not.  Sure, it appears he may not and that's what the rumor season is... but what if he does?

Bottom line... no one knows until it happens. We all need to friggin' relax... even you Jon Heyman.

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