Tuesday, January 6, 2015


You know me, I hate the rumor mill, and I'll only bring you something if I'm certain there is a good feeling about it.  We had solid information on the internal conversations in the Rockies camp when it came to Troy Tulowitzki and the fact of the matter is, when the smoke cleared, the Yankees did in fact check in on the Rockies down the road.  The trouble is that whole mess with the Rockies was that they wanted entirely too much in return for Tulowitzki and so... nothing ever came of it.

Yesterday I received a text from one of my buddies who got a whiff of a team that may have made that $110 offer to James Shields. You remember, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports said there was a "mystery team" that put that money out for Shields, read HERE.  I was told it may have been the Detroit Tigers.  I was told it was a way to secure themselves a starter for the 2015 season because they were unhappy with the way Max Scherzer and Scott Boras "dug in", and wanted to make a mad dash to a club for almost $200 million.

I was told the Tigers, while the love Max Scherzer, didn't like the way it was handled and are "setting themselves up" because they just didn't know what was on Scherzer's mind, and that they were "not willing to pony up that kind of money."

Let me state right here that I have no idea if this is true.  This is a rumor.  Again, I hate rumors, but I found the information I have just presented interesting and wanted to bring it to your attention.  I tweeted it yesterday and didn't expect it to get much play.
Why would I? It's not my job to put out rumors. It's my job to report on them and you, as the readers of BYB are smart enough to know that. I thank you for that give and take.

Whatever the case, here's what we do know about James Shields.  The Rangers are reportedly out.  The Red Sox and the Giants are reportedly "no longer in" on Shields.  And Ken Rosenthal says that other teams have cooled as well:

"...Certain clubs have backed off Shields due to the expected price, according to major-league sources. The Marlins and Diamondbacks are among those teams, sources say."

Of course, the Royals could still be in the mix and I guess so could the Yankees, although there hasn't really been much chatter about Shields coming to the Bronx.  Although, you know Cashman, quiet means something is happening.

An offer from the Tigers makes sense, especially since it looks like Scherzer stuck his nose up making that ridiculous salary request.  But again, IT'S A RUMOR. Take from it what you need and read everything before you start spreading it.

It's the rumor season... and it's absolutely silly ladies and gentlemen.  If you know that, you'll be fine.

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