Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I've always wondered what it would be like if everyone wasn't fond of you.  I don't mean YOU... I mean Stephen Drew!  Now look, I personally think Stephen Drew is a talented defensive player, but when it comes to his bat... there's a hole in it.  That's not me making shit up... you can look at his numbers... they aren't pretty. Offensive is important, especially in baseball. Geez, sorry I'm being so picky.

Now look, he could come in this season and kick some ass.  We just don't know... stranger things have happened.  But the odds are against him. That's why the fans feel the way they do. You don't want a dud coming up to the plate. You don't want and "automatic out" if you're a fan.

I wanted to share with you some immediate reaction from the fans in response to the late night re-signing of Stephen Drew.

And to Mr. Drew, look, this isn't a pile on... I'm sorry if it seems that way. This is just the way fans feel.  I'm sure you're a great guy and a great teammate and I love your glove pal.  But that's not what Yankee fans are looking for.  We're looking for a hitter... help us out, huh?

Check these out. From Facebook: 

Michael Darwin wrote: "I sort of get this, but as it was there was no room on the roster for both Refs AND Pirela. Now there is room for neither, so unless we release or trade Ryan, there is NO chance for them to break in."

Travis Willis wrote:  "$5 million? Great deal. Even if all he does is make Refsnyder and Pirela work harder in spring training to earn their spot, it's a good deal. Not to mention his versatility as a potential backup infielder with experience."

Lisa Swan wrote: "How is this a great deal? Lunacy. A friend pointed out that Drew's OPS is .686 in his last 1482 MLB plate appearances. That is not a momentary slump. That is a career collapse. And that is not worth $5 million a year. Cashman is an idiot."

James Stevens wrote: "Could the Yankees be doing this deal to sweeten up Boras to lowering Scherezer's price??"

Roque Amaury Tineo wrote: "I just don't get what the Yankees see in Drew. I don't think this guy has a clubhouse presence to fall back on. And to give him $5 million on top of it all. Couldn't they just invite him to Spring Training and see if he makes the team?"

From Twitter:

There are many others, I didn't want to over do it... you get the point. In this small sample, the majority of Yankee fans are not happy about this signing.  And as I stated in STEPHEN DREW IS BACK WITH THE YANKEES, we'll have an unbelievably passionate piece about this by our guy Steve Skinner which we'll release on BYB some time today or tomorrow.  Keep checking for it.

I wrote this last night in reference to this re-signing:

"...there's a trust issue here between the Yankees and the youth at second, and that's crystal clear to me.  Why? Well, Drew has very good defensive skills and absolutely no bat.  Now they've secured the infield defensively, that's the bottom line here. They didn't need to re-sign Drew...

My only concern with this move is hopefully it doesn't mean that one of the youngsters, Pirela or Refsnyder becomes tradeable now..."

It's an important part of this scenario. In fact, it's a major part of it. What happens next?

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