Friday, January 16, 2015


I'm looking at our coaching staff and while many don't like it, I do. Jeff Pentland and Alan Cockrell have terrific reputations around MLB and the Yankees were smart to bring 2 hitting coaches in.  With the hitting we didn't do in 2014, having a couple guys with their type of experience around the clubhouse can really make a difference.  That's what I told Ricky Keeler last night on Yanks Go Yard Radio and I really believe that.

Now there's been plenty to be said about bringing Willie Randolph in to coach, if not for hitting, then for the first base gig.  Look, when it comes to Willie Randolph, a guy I admired for a long, long time, I didn't feel it necessary for him to be a coach with the New York Yankees.  There... I said it.

No beef with Willie here, but I'm going to suggest that I like what they may do for Willie instead... honor him.

Hal Steinbrenner was asked about Willie Randolph the other day and he said this about perhaps honoring him, much like they did Tino Martinez and Paul O'Neill. This is courtesy of YES:

"... Willie is important to all of us. We know what he meant to the franchise, and he's always been one of my favorite players growing up. So I think you can look for something in the future, yes, absolutely. He's earned it."

That's true. Now we all know by now that Willie was upset that he wasn't chosen as a coach.  He's a good dude, a smart baseball mind and probably deserved it.  Randolph said this to Andrew Marchand of ESPN:

"I was disappointed because I wanted that opportunity to come back to the team that I love and help them get back to a world championship, like I've always done... Anytime you put your name in the pot for a job like this, you hope that you get it. So when it doesn't happen, you are a little disappointed." 

Do I feel bad for the guy? Maybe, maybe not. I mean, having Randolph there would have been fun, but it's not exactly necessary.  Plus, I think I like what the Yankees are considering doing for Willie anyway. Honoring him kind of cements his legacy with the Yankees. They'll hopefully one day give Willie a day and he'll end up being in monument park with a plaque...hopefully at least.

A former co-captain with my hero, Ron Guidry and a big part of 2 Yankee championships in the 70s. You can't help but applaud the guy.  I like that a helluva lot better than forcing him into the coaching office, just because he's Willie.

In the end, Willie will be back in the dugout one day and when it happens, good for him, but right about now? No need ladies and gentlemen. We have selected good coaches. We actually have a very good coaching staff, and it gets me all excited for Spring Training... how about you? Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me why... comment.

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