Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Just so we're clear... we here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have no beef with Red Sox fans, at all.  Never have.  We understand allegiance and rooting for your team and respect it 100%.  That's because we respect the game.  We also respect the rivalry, much like Red Sox fans do, and so, we root against the Red Sox on any given day and especially when they are playing the Yankees.  If I asked someone in Beantown about it, they'd tell me the same, just reversed.  It's what makes baseball great... rooting for your club and rooting for the division rival to choke. When you take it all too seriously... it's no longer fun. That's my take anyway.

Now that I've shared that with you, let me share this;  It's a comment that appeared when Erica Morales wrote:  THE AROD-ORTIZ BREAK UP.  What you're about to read is silly and immature. I'm not asking you to track to guy down. I'm not asking you to do anything. I just wanted to share what should never happen. It's from a little guy named Jeff. It's definitely not his real name. It's just a guy that signed on to make 1 comment... this one:

"You're a fucking pathetic idiot. His " ped history" as you refer to it consists of 2 things.. An alleged, nothing proven test result 12 years ago during a survey test by mlb that didn't count. Mlb has said that the results were not accurate and the test DID NOT COUNT!!!! His name and the others on this so called "list" (including arod) was released to the ny times by breaking federal laws. AND.... PATHETIC, DELUSIONAL YANKEE FANS WHO CAN'T DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT DAVID ORTIZ DESTROYED THE CURSE AND THEIR TEAM FOR THE LAST 12 YEARS!!!! Learn what the fuck you're talking about before you come on here and make a fucking idiot out of yourself on here. TESTING STARTED IN 2004 AND DAVID ORTIZ HAS EXACTLY ZERO POSITIVE TESTS!!!!! DEAL WITH IT YOU FUCKING WHORE"

Nice right? Pretty bright? No. Actually not at all. I responded:

"Here's the deal Jeff. It makes no difference that the "test didn't count". He showed up on a list with others, ARod included, and he is a PEDs user, whether you want to be delusional about it or not. Not knowing exactly how he showed up on a PEDs list, but didn't do PEDs does not jive. Bottom line. The track record of all these guys is the same. They deny it and they are always found guilty. Secondly, we know when PEDs testing started. It's been documented on BYB for 4 years now. You wouldn't know that, because you don't read us regularly and probably came home from a bender and logged on today. We're not haters here, we raise questions.

Furthermore, You're pretty ignorant. I feel bad for you. Name calling just means your classless. It doesn't matter if you're not a Yankee fan, be respectful. If you disagree, say why. If you name call, you aren't taken seriously. In fact, I actually thought this was a joke. You appear unstable. I worry about your well being and what you could do to others.

Here's my thought. Papi has been golden boy in baseball for years. Many of us are sick of it. It's clear you aren't and that's fine, but calling a female a FUCKING WHORE may be about as low class as you get. So I'm going to give little you a piece of advice, learn how to speak to people.

Oh... I see you're still hanging onto that "Curse" thing. We've stated here numerous times that Boston has a great club, great players and while the Curse may have existed, but we don't root for them. The Curse? That's long gone Sunshine. We don't dispute that.

Do me a favor... and I'll use your words "Learn what the fuck you're talking about before you come on here and make a fucking idiot out of yourself." I'll leave out the extra "on here" like you had written. That's repetitive silly.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.

Now look, did I need to engage him? Nope, but how in the world do you name call for someone having a different opinion? Why would you?  Furthermore... calling a female a whore?  I take issue with that...you should too.

This post is to do 2 things, expose a real loser, but more importantly reach across the field to Red Sox fans.  We appreciate the  fandom and we understand your passion for your Red Sox here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We just don't like the team. It doesn't make you and I enemies, it just makes us fans of different clubs.

The rivalry will always be there between the Sox and Yankees, but the hate between fans should never happen. Hey, that goes for Yankee fans too.

Even the BYB Hub welcomes Red Sox blogs.  Section 36 is one of them, and we spar like the rest of them, but here's the difference, we respect each other. We respect each others sites and we respect what being a fan is.  Here's the thing we don't agree on... our team! And that's OK.

I'm not here to change the world. I'm just here to say, there is way to much tragedy in the world... we don't need to fight over who we root for. I'm also here to make a statement; We here at BYB, and most intelligent Yankee fans understand that this ridiculous comment is not all Red Sox fans... I'm just pointing out that hatred by 1 Red Sock fan, (And Yankee fans have had their fill as well), makes all us fans look bad. Bottom line.

Anyway, enjoy your day... hope everyone is getting ready for a fun holiday season... yup... even Red Sox fans.

Merry Christmas.

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