Thursday, December 4, 2014


Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports says that there is a team out there that believes Chase Headley is worth about $65 million.  That's right SIXTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.  I just swallowed my gum.

According to this Tweet... that's happening:
Now I personally would love Chase Headley manning 3rd base for the New York Yankees, but my offer would be 3 years and probably around $34 million.  I don't know, I'm throwing that out there.

I mean, I like him, but I worry about his back and I'm not sure he will be a great hitter in New York. Although, truth be told, I liked what I saw from him in his small batch in the Bronx last fall.

My buddy says he would give Headley 4 years.  I offered him a crack pipe.  Not really. He doesn't smoke crack, and I don't own one... but if I did... I'd offer it.

We'll keep you posted on what team REALLY, REALLY likes Headley for that ridiculous offer when we find out. Promise.  

Oh yeah, and don't smoke crack... stay in school.

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