Friday, December 26, 2014


And I don't mean the Bronx... or his former home, Los Angeles.  He's going back his former, former home. He's going back to Japan for the 2015 season.

It was revealed by ESPN that Kuroda, who was a solid New York Yankee, has decided to go back to his homeland, ESPN says he is going to pitch for the...

"..Hiroshima Toyko Carp, an official with knowledge of the move told, confirming Japanese media reports."

Maybe this is him deciding to wind down his career. Him wanted to be close to family, who knows.  It's not exactly a shocker.  It makes sense, I guess.

Whatever the case, Kuroda will be missed. When the Yankees' backs were against the wall, in 2013 and even parts of 2014, Kuroda went out there on his turn and did his job.  I never liked the idea of him coming to the Yankees, and felt dumb when he did more than any of us could have asked for. He proved me wrong. In short, he will be missed.

Good luck pal.

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