Thursday, December 18, 2014


David Robertson spoke to the media about life in Yankeeland and his free agency experience.  He was on WFAN.  Here are some quotes:
“I don’t hold anything against New York... They did what they had to do…I’m not offended about it by any means, that’s for sure...I made it to free agency and I had a lot of teams on me... (The White Sox) seemed like a good fit, especially with all the moves they were making.’’
Here's some of that interview, I lifted it from our friend Pete Caldera who has a great blog called Pinstripe Posts:

"After rejecting the Yankees’ $15.3 million qualifying offer, 'I didn’t know what direction they were going in,’ Robertson said. When the Yankees signed free agent reliever Andrew Miller to a four-year $36 million deal, Robertson could more clearly see the writing on the wall. At the time of Miller’s signing, 'We’d been talking to (the Yankees) a little bit,’ Robertson said. 'But I had other teams talking to me a lot more.’" 

It's always refreshing to hear from a player knowing there are no hard feelings and all of that. I do however want to share with you what fans think.  Now, besides writing that he's a traitor and all of that, it's an obvious opinion, from a loyal BYB reader and die hard Yankee fan:

Bud's not the only one who thinks that way.

Whatever the case, what's done is done.  David Robertson is a White Sock... and I wish him well.

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