Saturday, December 20, 2014


David Robertson and his wife Erin will forever be part of the Bleeding Yankee Blue family.

This nugget got lost in the shuffle of getting ready for the Christmas holiday and the recent moves made in major league baseball, but it's important to bring it to our audience because, truth be told, we have no beef with David Robertson.  We appreciated him in Yankeeland and he and Erin have been nothing of supportive of what we do here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  They are incredible people with a lovely family and they deserve the best. That's not me kissing ass.  That's me being sincere.  They know that, I hope. 

David's a good egg.  He posted this on Twitter:
Stand up guy.

It falls in line with other great players doing the right thing lately. Saying goodbye to their fans is important. Jimmy Rollins thanked the Philadelphia fans while he was with the Phillies, writing:

That's beautiful.

Matt Kemp said farewell to Dodgertown too:

It is with a lot of emotion that I say goodbye to the city and the fans who have been there since the beginning of my career. You have given me so much. Your faith and support for the last 9 years through good times and bad, homestands and home runs was showcased through the volume of your cheers and the love for your team. I'm thankful to the Dodgers organization for taking a chance on an Oklahoma kid. I believe we control our paths. The paths we take, control our destiny. I'm excited for the future. God Bless”

Look, Baseball is a business.  The fans know it, but sometimes it's hard to understand why a player leaves.  After all, we pay their salary and we feel like we deserve "ours" once in a while.  We're fans, that's understood.

In the end, life goes on, baseball goes on and we'll see DRob again.  This time though... we need to beat him.  He knows that and so do we.

That's what makes baseball great.  At the end of the day, we still respect the players and the players still respect the fans. Nothing is more true about that, than what your just read.  Gotta love it.

Good luck to DRob and Erin. We loved you guys in New York.  Good luck in Chicago... except of course, when you're playing the Yankees.

Merry Christmas!

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