Tuesday, November 4, 2014


A few weeks ago I completed my third marathon, fittingly coined the People's Marathon, but this time it had even more punch than I could ever imagine.  After the emotional days of Derek Jeter's finale in the Bronx and Fenway, it took a lot for me to hunker down and finish my marathon training, which began in late June.  I listened and watched a number of Yankee games during my training either from the treadmill, on the trail or the pavement.  Unfortunately, this year's team did not give me the additional adrenaline rush I needed, but what the team lacked, Jeter provided.

Right around October 1st, I received a curious package in the mail from a Chicago address.  I had no idea what it was, but as a runner, I receive all kinds of trial size energy gels and such and I order all kinds of gear, so I figured it was that.  Then, to my surprise, I pulled out this.

This was my final motivation tool.  This reminded me of the goals that Derek Jeter set for himself and attained.  This was my ticket to the motivational finish line.

I proceeded through the next twenty or so days pretty well with my #2 training bottle in hand and hopped a train to Union Station, Washington, D.C.  My final destination was within my reach; only thing in my way was 26.2 miles of hills, asphalt and Marines cheering Oorah!  I ran the 39th Marine Corps Marathon and it was hard.  Marathons are hard enough on your body, but this day was not for the runner who was going to second guess herself, this day was for the confident runner, who despite running out of fuel and being beat up by the 25 degree spike in temperature and head winds, was going to beat the bridge and finish strong.

Besides being motivated by the thousands of marines lining the course, the enormous number of charity runners supporting those who they have lost and running for those who can't, I focused on why I do this.  I do this because six years ago my father died after completing the New York City Marathon.  I do this because I want to remind myself that life is not a sprint that we race through to get to the next best thing, life is a challenge, like the marathon course.  Life has ups and downs and life doesn't always give you the easiest path to follow.

Any athlete will tell you that they earned their MVP award, Cy Young honor and Rookie of the Year. I earned my medal, particularly this one because I did not let weather, wind or the terrain get me.

I gave it my all- I earned it because of my spirit.  And if that's not dramatic enough, the last .2 of the marathon was straight up hill.  Marines were screaming at me to conquer it but what really carried me across was the runner with the Boston Red Sox cap to my right.  Yes, even in the final steps of the marathon, I used my Yankee pride to beat Boston.  This was my moment!  I will never forget how great it feels to #WinFromWithin.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
Twitter: @suzieprof


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  1. Hey Hey! This was an awesome race. It was one of the highlights of my life.....


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