Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I know how this goes. Brian Cashman made a remark about Alex Rodriguez and everyone is running with it. Even Casey!

Casey wrote FOR ALEX RODRIGUEZ, PAYBACK'S A BITCH. In the piece he discusses some quotes Cashman made to Wally Mathews in regards to ARod. Wally said:

"'In fairness to us and in fairness to Alex, I don't know what to expect because it's been a year,' Cashman said Tuesday in Phoenix. 'I just don't know. You hope that he can contribute in a significant way, but we'll have to wait and see how that plays out.'"

The quote from Cashman continues "'If I signed Chase Headley, he would be the starting third baseman. If I traded for a third baseman that was an everyday guy, that would be the move I would be making. If I did that. But I'm not here to state that the Yankees have their definitive third baseman for 2015. I have not done anything like that." 

Casey and I interpreted those quotes two completely different ways. 

Casey said:

"That simply means that they are setting themselves up. ARod will NOT be the Yankees third baseman. Even if he can play the position, forget it. It's not happening." 

Here's the thing... Cashman isn't saying anything he, and Joe Girardi haven't already said. Remember Girardi's press conference, when he said in regards to ARod "Do we expect him to be a player on our team? Absolutely. Do we expect him to play third base? Yes, but in fairness we have to see where he is at"? Sounds an awful lot like what Cashman is saying now. 

I think this has more to do with logical planning on the part of the organization. ARod has been out of the game for over a year. They honestly won't know what he is capable of until spring training starts. Cashman is being realistic. He's setting the team up for the "just in case."

And to be fair, ARod isn't the first person to get this treatment from the organization. Remember when Bernie Williams got an invitation to participate in Spring Training without a guaranteed position? We saw it more recently with Jorge Posada, in 2011, when Russell Martin became our starter. Do you remember how the organization treated Jorge back then? Cashman made some comments about Jorge back then that really ticked me off, and that was Jorge! When Jorge took himself out of the lineup, Cashman decided to address the media during the game? Jorge who had been such a huge part of the Core Four and the Dynasty Era. Jorge Friggin' Posada! 

Casey wrote:

"He won't lead this club. He won't be a starter. The Yankees will in fact use his bat in hopes he can get the Yanks some runs, but he's no longer a Yankee "leader." Instead, he's not even a backup third baseman anymore. Alex Rodriguez is going to have to earn his spot. Just like an average player trying to make it. Just like the Baby Bombers would. Just like a call-up player or a newly traded guy. ARod is just another player these days."

Sounds awful familiar to the treatment that Jorge received. Both by some members of the  organization, and the NY media. It's the same song and dance the Yankees always play. It's not the revenge song. It's the "This player is getting older, and we are questioning their ability to produce on the field" song. 

Hey, I am not comparing ARod to the kind of player Jorge was. Far from it. Jorge is a living legend in my eyes, and no one could ever compare.

I'm also not making an attempt to rationalize ARod's behavior. I'm just saying that we've seen the organization do this before. And if Jorge and Bernie could be subjected to it, why would ARod be any different? This isn't special treatment for ARod. He's not the first player, and won't be the last, we see this happening to. This isn't about revenge, Casey. This is routine. Maybe, just this one time, it really isn't about ARod. 

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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