Saturday, November 15, 2014


There's been plenty of feedback about whether or not Troy Tulowitzki should become a New York Yankee, or if I can offer anything more on my information about Troy possibly becoming a Yankee.  Well, we appreciate you guys reading, and we appreciate you understanding how serious we're taking the information we're getting from our source.  We in no way are going to throw up false information about this, because we are not the "source" people, we're a fan site and we happened to find a very reliable source with this information. We trust our source very much and if you are just clicking on us this morning have no idea what we're talking about, our 2 stories are right here:



With that, comes fast reaction from all sides expressing all kinds of opinions and concerns.  We wanted to share them with you now.  Some of them are terrific, so we picked some of the better ones.  Enjoy this:


(In Photo: Luis Severino)

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I found  these comments particularly funny only because Big Guy doesn't believe my report, yet, then expands on it anyway.  No beef, he's entitled to his opinion, I just found it to be a contradiction. 


Nelson Muntz doesn't think I have any inside sources, even though we do. Again, his opinion, but what's he basing that on?

Anyway, there are just a small group of many opinions surfacing the past few days.  Many people have thoughts about Tulo, but what I've noticed is the biggest concern is something that we speak about here often on BYB.  The kids.  Why do we always end up shipping the kids off that we once tout as "the next big thing:?"

Stay with us at BYB. When we get more information on Troy, we'll bring it to you.

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