Thursday, November 6, 2014


Speculation and the rumor mill kills me sometimes, because the truth is, you never really know what’s going to happen to a player until it happens.  Sure, certain writers are called "baseball insiders", but what do they really know? Hell... What do I really know? All I’m saying is the rumor mill can be fascinating sometimes That being said… you won’t believe what I heard about David Robertson and the New York Mets. 

A source that I am friendly with was chatting with someone "familiar" with the internal chatter inside Mets camp, and it was suggested that there is concern about the closer situation in Mets-land.  With that, there were "serious discussions" about making a "hard push" to bring David Robertson to Queens.  

The idea is to get him over there on a 4 year deal and tout him as one of the Mets “leaders”. Something, this person suggested, the Mets "currently lack." That's not to take away from David Wright by the way. Don't worry, I asked about that.  Anyway, the plan would be to set up with Jenrry Mejia, and close with DRob.  While the Mets liked Mejia as their closer,  they aren't truly convinced he's a closer yet.  

According to my person, it was said that Sandy Alderson has always envied the Yankees and their closer situation and the Mets have never really had that stability in recent years.  After all, the last big closer coming out of the Mets was Billy Wagner. The idea is, if they could get DRob to Queens, he would walk in already battle tested and provide some stability while also presenting some leadership with the club.  It was suggested that DRob in the Bronx, was “just another Yankee”. "He would be a leader with the Mets", the discussion went.

While this idea makes a ton of sense, I’m not sure I see it.  I mean, David Robertson IS a New York Yankee and the guy is solid in the closer role even though he has a much different style than Mariano Rivera.  DRob has 1 year as a closer under his belt, and let's be honest. There is time to mature in the Bronx. And while the Yankees understand Dellin Betances is probably fully capable of taking over the closer role, they are historically slow at handing the keys to youngsters right away.

The other thing to keep in mind is DRob and what he wants, not just for him, but for his family.  While the idea of being a “leader” with the Mets is enticing, it’s the Mets.  That’s not a shot, that’s the reality. The Mets need to play better baseball.  They know that too.

It’s all very interesting. We’ll just have to see what transpires from this “rumor”.  Again… you never truly know what’s gonna happen with a player until it happens.   

Stay tuned…

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