Friday, October 10, 2014


The fan outraged was what did it in for Kevin Long.  We all knew that even if we bitched and moaned about Brian Cashman, the relationship between he and Hal was too deep for he and the Yankees to ever part ways.  But as I stated for most of the season, when the Yankees lacked offense.. someone had to go and that is usually done to make a statement.  We complained about Kevin Long alot here at BYB.  Mostly because while professional hitters swing the bats, it is Long, or any batting coach, that is responsible for helping and molding and helping to make adjustments and changing stale routines.  The Yankees didn't make the playoffs 2 years in a row.  Couple that with a veteran staff that just couldn't hit and guess what? Long was the logical choice. 

According to the New York Post:

"Following their worst offensive season in years, the Yankees have fired hitting coach Kevin Long, a source confirmed.

Long signed a two-year deal following last season, but a second straight season in which the lineup was beset by injuries and ineffectiveness proved to be his undoing."

Bottom line, he was well respected within the Yankee organization, but it almost seemed like Long thought he was one of the players and not one of the instructors and when that happens, and there is no results at the plate, you really need to reevaluate what's happening.  The Yankees did.

I wish Long well.  I know he's probably a good guy.  He just wasn't doing the job.  The best part? The fans knew it and were calling for it by mid-season.  Fans know what players are capable of.  But more importantly, fans see stale routines from veterans from miles away.  It was Long's job to break those routines and help these players break them. It's a tough gig, I know. He literally needed to get through their thick skulls and break them down.... a job no one likes, but it was his job to do.  It needed to be done... it just never happened.

The strangest part of Long's time in pinstripes came when he was asked if he thought he should be allowed to come back after they were out of it.  Long stated: Why wouldn’t I be back?Well.. I could think of a reason...

Good luck Kevin...

Oh, and something else that's important to note... Mick Kelleher was also relieved of his duties as well.  

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