Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Some people ask me why I am still so in tune with the postseason considering that the Yankees are not part of it. Sometimes, you read things and they move you. You can be reminded that there is more to it then just taking a bat and swinging at a ball. It's not just a game. Well....at least I don't think so. After reading this story now, I am convinced of it more than ever.

I'm not a big twitter person, but this morning when I read a tweet that Bleacher Report posted it brought a tear to my eye. I have a lot of memories of watching baseball, especially ones where the Yankees are playing in the World Series and it was just a normal part of life. I don't appreciate it the same way no after reading THIS article. I think this is the best thing that can possibly be reported on during the World Series. Even after all is said and done....this little boy will have memories for years to come that can never be replaced.

Noah Wilson is fighting for a much more important than a World Series trophy. He is really sick and after reading about Noah's story I wanted to know more about what he was facing. Ewing Sarcoma is not a form of cancer I personally didn't know a lot about until today. In fact, I hadn't heard about it at all. The fact that this is the second most common form of cancer for young children according to Stjude.org yet is still classified as "rare" really brought tears to my eyes especially since a lot of the symptoms are things that can so easily be dismissed. It's puts everything in perspective.

This World Series was already special because the Kansas City Royals were finally back in it after being away since 1985. Now, they are back in it and have a little boy hoping for them to succeed as he fights his own battle.

Ryan Zimmerman was already working to raising the money to help the Wilson family get to the World Series to cheer on his Royals. His efforts were already helping raise awareness and Joe Torre was able to take that one step further by inviting the Wilson family as a personal guest to enjoy the game so he could save that money raised for later.

THESE are the stories we should be hearing more about in sports. It's not all about winning for the team. It's about the message, the journey, and the perseverance that matters. It's a life lesson. It's about going the extra mile like Zimmerman and Torre did.

It's an important message to remember as we all turn on our televisions tonight and watch the World Series. We watch for the entertainment, but being part of the experience will mean even more to the Wilson family. Even if you aren't following the World Series this year, how can this not tug at your heart? To Noah and his family, I hope you enjoy your special day and you get your win both on and off of the field!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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