Thursday, October 16, 2014


If Kevin Long went to the Red Sox, would you be mad? Would you call him a traitor? Would you care?

There is talk that the Red Sox like Kevin Long and are interested in bringing him to Beantown to be their hitting coach.  Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe has that Tweet:
Then Abraham tweeted this today, and included Chili Davis in it, a guy the Yankees are looking at as a possible hitting coach candidate.  Notice what Pete wrote about Kevin Long in there as well:
So, what do you make of that?  Now look, we have all ripped on Long pretty good all season.  I mean, it appeared that the guy did nothing to try and improve the lack of hitting and run scoring for the New York Yankees.  I was taken back by one thing that Brian Cashman said in his recent interview with Michael Kay about Long last week.  He suggested that Long “did all he could do”.  I find that to be a cop out.

If Long actually did his job, you would have seen broken routines and new life.  Sure, it would have taken alittle time, but BYB and other blogs like Greedy Pinstripes had stated pretty damn early that the guy needed to open his eyes and work with the players.  If he actually did, there would have been improvement. You wanna know how I know?

Because when a guy named Chris Young showed up to the Bronx, he was batting .205.  That changed when he was desperate enough to open his ears to Kevin LongLong got through to Young, but didn’t with the veterans of the Yankee staff which means only 1 thing to me… his ideas and suggestions either weren’t working, or the veterans on the team did not trust him enough to change.  That’s not good.

Whatever the case… Long’s gone and apparently on the Red Sox radar.  Look, if Long goes there and keeps it in the realm of what he did in New York this season, I’m all for it.  But that won’t happen.  Kevin Long has been exposed, and so it's my theory that if he does go to Beantown, look for a new and improved Kevin Long. A Long hell bent on proving to Yankeeland that the Offense woes of 2014 were all the fault of the hitters and NOT the hitting coach.  Let’s hope we’re right about Long and the guy offers nothing in Boston.

We’ll see what happens…

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