Friday, October 3, 2014


I mean yeah, he said it... but read the WHOLE story man!

Look...this is about to blow up, I can feel it. People are going to try and make something out of nothing and that's exactly what this is. Let's face it, this season sucked and in the aftermath the fans are just waiting for something big to happen. This could be the excuse they are looking for to cause a dramatic feud.

In case you missed it, David Robertson made an appearance on ESPN's SportsCenter and he was asked one of those hard hitting questions that journalists are known for, watch that HERE

It was sneaky and it put him on the spot. Anchor Linda Cohn asked him who he thought the better leader was Alabama football coach Nick Saban or Joe Girardi and Robertson answered with Saban. Talk about being put between a rock and a hard place...

Before this gets hyped and blown out of context I feel like someone needs to come to Robertson's defense before people try to tar and feather him. Robertson meant nothing by that comment. There is no beef here between him and Girardi but I guarantee you someone will try and start some drama. Let me say this though....there is no bad blood here!

Everyone has their right to an opinion. That's all this was, an opinion. I think Robertson did a good job explaining why he answered that question the way he did (not that he needed to.) Read his reasoning in the NY Daily News HERE. Now, maybe some people don't realize this but as close as Robertson has become with Girardi, he is with Saban also. They have worked together on their respective charities and Saban sent him a mini version of his team's trophy. There is history there, too.

People are going to try and say that this was a slap in the face to Girardi and his management skills, and it's not. He gave Girardi credit, he has helped him become the player he is today. All he said was that Saban has more championships than Girardi. Nothing more. In his eyes that makes Saban the better leader. Maybe if Girardi also had three world series rings he may have answered that differently. The bottom line here is that this doesn't mean he respects Saban more than he does Girardi and people are going to try to play that angle.

It's a tough spot to be in though. Does that hurt Robertson going forward? Maybe. I am sure the Yankees wanted him to answer that differently. Could that be Robertson's way of testing the waters for free agency? He wouldn't be the first to do so. He is in a contract year and maybe that will entice another team that needs a good closer to throw a lot of money at him. Someone could try to swindle him away like the Mariners did with Robinson Cano if they think he wants to move on.

Or maybe this gives the Yankees the reason to cut him lose and promote Dellin Betances as the closer next year. He proved himself. Maybe the Yankees decide to go the cheap route and not pay Robertson. What if he crossed the line?

Is this the end of Robertson as a Yankee? Is he the future closer for another team? Time will only tell. All I know is, people are going to be looking to blow this out of proportion. I wouldn't be surprised if people come down on him pretty hard and it's crazy. It didn't mean anything. Can we just move on already? We have your back, Robertson.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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