Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Ok, so not yet....but we have not even started the ALCS yet and this is already leaking. Hey, the baseball season isn't over yet and reading these juicy little tidbits is already getting me amped for the offseason. Let's get that Hot Stove going!

I'm trying not to get excited but I can't help it and reading THIS story from the New York Post just made it even harder. I don't hide enthusiasm well! While James Shields was mentally preparing and focusing on the Los Angeles Angels, our old friend Dave Eiland was hyping him up. I always liked Eiland, now I guess I like him even more. It was like he was prepping Sheilds for an interview. He was dangling him in front of the Yankees for the taking. Ok Eiland....what gives?

You trying to get on our good side here or what? There are some good arms that will be available this offseason namely Max Scherzer and Jon Lester. I am sure teams will be throwing all kinds of money at these two, but we can't forget about Shields. Actually, scratch that....teams can forget about Shields because I WANT HIM! Not that I wouldn't want Scherzer but come on....Shields is being dangled here. I see opportunity so I am jumping already.

There are some serious upsides with Shields. One thing that stands out for me is that he has pitched more than 200 innings since 2007. The guy is durable and we need that. Looking back at how our starting rotation suffered especially this past season, he would be a welcome addition. God forbid we lose CC Sabathia again, or Ivan Nova doesn't come back on time then we would have some extra stability there. Not to mention that he pitches deep into games and can save our bullpen.

Not to mention how often did we Yankee fans love to hate on the guy when he was pitching well against us when he was with the Tampa Bay Rays? I used to sit and grit my teeth and try anything in my bag of tricks to make him make a minor mistake against us and look human for once? He proved he could handle the AL East, so for once we don't have to question that.

I am still thinking back to the September 5th game we played against the Royals when he pitched against us. Talk about a deflating moment. He pitched a two-hitter against us that is just another reason why they are playing right now and we aren't.

Some people don't agree with me on this. A lot of people would prefer Scherzer and I can't say I disagree but either way the Yankees need another starter and he may be more affordable. I am reminded by many that he has not pitched well in the postseason but to those who point that out I ask....did you watch Sunday's game? I honestly thought his stuff wasn't that bad but he just couldn't put hitters away. Regardless of your interpretation....he battled and he frustrated the Angels who had the best record in the league! Some of the best hitters in the game, and they couldn't get the big hit and chip away at a lead. That is a gamer. Oh and, he is also going to start the ALCS. The Royals believe in him, and so do I.

I'm sure the Royals want him back. I wouldn't be surprised if Shields wants to stay. He wants to be on a winning team, and right now the Royals seem to be doing everything right while we have now had two losing seasons as Eiland described in his own words in that article. All I know is if there is a chance that Shields wants a taste of the big apple and he wants the bright lights the Yankees would be crazy not to give him a look.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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