Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It has finally happened. After six long, excruciating months I just can't take it anymore. I can't sit here and watch this team suck and not live up to its potential. I want to grab some of these guys in the clubhouse and shake them violently. I want to walk up to Kevin Long and  beat him with a bat (a foam bat....but still). I am a very patient person but even I have my breaking limit.

I reached that last night because I really have lost my damn mind. I walk in late from work and come in in the 7th inning. I sit on the couch and I am literally crossing every body part I can seeing the score tied at a big goose egg. By the time the 8th inning came I was twitching...literally. There is NO REASON for the 8th inning to end the way it did. For crying out loud Mark Teixeira started the inning off with a walk. A WALK ladies and gentlemen....the fact that NO ONE could do anything good behind him makes me want to spit bullets right now.

To watch the Rays walk off the way they did made me go postal....literally. I was on the phone with one of my friends back on the east coast when I literally dropped my phone and threw a pillow at my television. I wish I were kidding.....but I am not (I am sorry Tellie, please forgive me. The Bronx BUMMERS made me do it). Somewhere along the line I snapped and yelled something about making a Voodoo doll of Kevin Long. Needless to say the person I was on the phone with hung up pretty quickly and I may have traumatized them for life. I am sorry for that, too.

Look, I am so far past being "In Love" with this team it isn't even funny. I think these guys are so accustomed to losing....they aren't upset about being losers! In fact, I think they like it. They don't care. They have no pride. They don't care about those little kids watching them on the TV who want to be just like them. Seriously, last night I didn't see anyone pissed off that we lost by a walk-off. Show me that you are as pissed off as I am! Where is Paul O'Neill when you need him?! Complacency is a disease! If you can't get your crap together get off of the bench and make room for someone else who cares and will actually play. Right now....there is ZERO leadership. I wish Jorge Posada was still here to light a fire under these guys, maybe scare them for next year should they be LUCKY enough to still be around.

There is no more time for this "you have to tip your cap to the pitcher for pitching an outstanding game" bullshit. It's a broken record. I have been listening to it for six months and it is as tired and played out as these stinkers are.

Chris Capuano did his job last night. Once again, the starting pitching does their job and this lineup of misfit toy baseball players can't hit worth beans. It's frustrating. It's a waste of a good start, and Capuano deserves an apology. Hell, I will apologize to him for his team. Capuano, I am sorry you have a sorry bunch of hitters that can't support you. Shawn Kelley, right now I want to tie cement blocks to your feet and throw you in the East River because I am irrational and pissed. I am sure in the morning I will feel better....at least I hope.

This team is an underachieving bunch of lifeless bench warmers. I just can't take it anymore. I hope one day my sunny disposition comes back. I hope that my Kevin Long Voodoo doll never comes to life but right now I want heads to roll. I want the Yankees to feel my rage because I need to know that they feel SOMETHING. Yes ladies and gentleman....I have lost my damn mind and I am truly sorry you had to witness this. I hope to return to you as a rehabbing individual later today.....

 Final:  Rays 1 - Yankees 0

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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