Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Honestly, I don't need to give you a recap tonight. If you have been watching all year and reading our posts....you know what happened. The Yankees failed again. They had opportunities and they couldn't cash in. Same shit...different day.

It started out promising. Chris Young doubled to left in the top of the 2nd and the Ichiro Suzuki singled him home. That is the Yankees offense ladies and gentleman. For the rest of the game the Rays just had timely hits and eventually by the 7th inning I was looking for a white flag to wave. I am so pissed right now, I can't detail it all and quite honestly, I don't want to.

Michael Pineda didn't have his best stuff, the Rays were hitting him all night. He went 5.1 innings, had 4 hits, 2 runs (only one earned) an error trying to take the ball to first base himself and 5 strikeouts. I can't sit here and throw him under the bus when again...the offense takes a nap. Was it a good start? No, but he battled. But there was nothing good about this game.

I have never wanted a do-over more than I do right now. This game was UGLY. As if not hitting again wasn't enough add Derek Jeter getting plunked by Steven Geltz. It was already a 6-1 lead so I really doubt that Geltz was purposely trying to hit him, it would've been pointless. Regardless, Joe Girardi comes out guns blazing and he started arguing with Joe West. I think Casey said it best on Twitter...
Really Joe? How desperate can you be? That was the most desperate attempt at grasping at straws that I have EVER seen. Why waste your energy by arguing something so pointless? Get your head out of your butt and focus on the team. Yes, I understand that 5 Yankees have been hit in the last 4 games with the Rays but that doesn't change the fact that the Yankees are a BAD TEAM. Why doesn't he cry when it is another team? I have never heard him complain about any other team then the Rays. Joe Girardi looks like he is ready to crack, just like this team. He's getting mad at all of the wrong things. We can't hit, why can't you be mad at that, Joe?

I understand the whole retaliation concept, it's been in the game for years. I love David Phelps....but honestly throwing at Kevin Kiermaier was just ridiculous. It didn't matter! Move on and stop making excuses! Put up or shut up!
In the end benches cleared. Sean Rodriguez came out of the dugout barking like a big rabid dog and Francisco Cervelli and Dellin Betances were ready to charge. How big, bold and daring of you. Just win games, dammit! The rest of this is pointless. The isn't Monday Night Raw, fellas.

In the end we had more acting managers then runs scored. Joe Girardi, and Tony Pena were ejected. Now I have always stood by Girardi, but this loss was embarrassing and he made matters worse. What did he accomplish? NOTHING! If based on nothing but principal he needs a swift kick in the rear end. They say the Captain must go down with the ship...and this is no different. Everyone needs to go. Fire Kevin Long, fire Larry Rothschild, fire Girardi and clean house! This was an embarrassment. Losing 5 games on the road is bad enough. Not leading the team and refocusing the energy is unacceptable! That is your job and if you can't do it step aside because someone else will. I am really starting to believe that he just isn't a motivator and a good manager needs to be! Look at what happened to Buck Showalter in 1995. He was fired when we "barely" missed the playoffs. So the Yankees missing the playoffs for 2 years in a row is different? If you tell me that I call bullshit because that is a contradicting message.

This team is a joke. Where is the leadership? Does anyone even want to play anymore? There is no passion, no results. I miss when October meant something and a ring was the ultimate prize. These guys are already dreaming about the golf course. It is unacceptable to sit here and watch this happen. Yankee brass needs to get in and make changes. I don't care that George Steinbrenner is gone. I am not going to be cliché and say "If George was still alive...." because he's not but that doesn't mean that the expectation should be any different.

In case you missed it with the drama tonight the Washington Nationals, and the Baltimore Orioles both clinched their divisions.The Los Angeles Angels are guaranteed some sort of playoff birth, so congrats to all of them. There is no meaningful baseball in September for the Yankees 2 years in a row now. It makes me sick. It makes me angry. It means that for 2 nights in a row now I go to bed angry and pissed off. There is no celebrating tonight....we suck and I am tired of my Miss Hyde persona coming out.

Final Score: Rays 6 - Yankees 1

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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