Monday, August 11, 2014


Chris Davis is a Yankee killer and anytime the Orioles are NOT playing the Yankees, I root for the guy.  In fact I once wrote a piece about Davis.  Check out WE SHOULD ALL BE ROOTING FOR CHRIS DAVIS... It's informative.

Anyway, there was a game tonight and the Yankees blew badly. That's a fact!  As a fan, I have become more and more frustrated with the way we've come together as a club.  We are constantly grasping for a moment. We commit errors, almost like we're supposed to make them. We're not in sync. We look absolutely dreadful. I don't know what to say... honestly.

Chris Capuano was great tonight. You can't fault the guy for giving up a home run. The Yankees were winning 3-1 at one point in the game. Suddenly, we watch the O's chip away and the Yankee offense, never got going and never GETS going. It's amazing to me.  You can tell me that professional hitters need to hit on their own, and this is true, but I can literally watch these guys like they're little leaguers from my couch and tell you what's wrong with their swings.  My question is... WHY CAN'T KEVIN LONG?

Anyway, Capuano went 6 innings, he gave up 4 hits and 4 runs. At this moment, the Yankees were in reach to come back and win.  Then Adam Warren entered the game.  Now, I don't like to speak ill of players. I know how hard it is to perform day in and day out, but as I tweeted:
I'm no fan. Even Jack Curry says "Adam Warren has issues." He said it in the post-game. He's right. It was the 2 run home run he gave up that did it in for me, and the Yankees. 

I'd love to give you the runs scored by the Yankees tonight, but why bother. We got blown out tonight. Nobody cares... I sure don't.  I mean... don't you find it alittle strange that Larry Rothchild can walk out to the mound to chat with Francisco Cervelli and Chase Whitely extensively, only to then watch Chase give up a 3 run home run a few moments later? What could Rothschild possibly have said to Whitley... put it down the middle?

The whole game was a nightmare. Jack Curry said it best on YES tonight... the Yankees need to get their offense to wake up.  I'm paraphrasing, but he's right. We're asleep.  Capuano can give up 3 or 4 runs, but the Yankees only job is to get the runs back. They just can't do it. It's mind blowing.

We look sad as a team. We look lost.  Sure, try to keep faith... but I understand that your hope is dwindling... mine certainly is.

Final: YANKEES SUCK Orioles 11 - Yankees 3

Bottom line, the Yankees are outmatched, not just by the Orioles, but by everyone.

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