Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Pete Caldera strikes again!

Caldera of the Bergen record has a hot scoop on Cuban phenom Rusney Castillo, after Bleeding Yankee Blue reported last night that the Yankees were in fact "in" on Castillo.  We wrote that in RUSNEY CASTILLO SWEEPSTAKES EXCITEMENT!

Thanks to Caldera of the Bergen Record, it's being reported that the Yankees tune has changed:

"The Yankees have ended any pursuit of Cuban outfielder/second baseman Rusney Castillo, according to an industry source. For the Yanks, Castillo’s potential salary — possibly in the $10 million-per-year-or-greater range — would have come with a hefty luxury-tax hit." 

All very interesting, and I don't doubt Caldera one bit. It's a shame... Castillo looked like a real catch.

Sources say that Castillo could either end up in Detroit or Boston.

The best part of this story ladies and gentlemen isn't Castillo to me. It's the fact that Caldera, always underrated, got the scoop, yet the "real baseball insiders" don't have it.  Love it.

Way to go Pete.
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