Friday, August 8, 2014


I love David Robertson and all that he's done for the Yankees. It's funny though. When I read Aaron Gleeman of Hardball Talk's headline, Yankees missed their chance to re-sign David Robertson at a “discount”, let's just say it got my wheels spinning.  Mostly because of the fact that I've watched how the Yankees have operated in years past, and I just don't know if a long term deal with DRob is something the Yankees want to do.  Do I have any "inside" information on that? Nope, I don't claim to.  It's speculation...

All I'm saying is, with a guy like Dellin "Icky Thump" Betances in the mix and literally the most dominant pitcher I've seen this season, maybe that's the Yankees future closer and maybe, just maybe their wheels are spinning too. I know, I know, you're about to yell at me. Don't. I love DRob, I don't want him gone.  I guess I just think too much... sue me for being a thinker, what can I say.

Look, I read the Hardball Talk story. In it, Gleeman writes, "...with free agency right around the corner this offseason it’s definitely ideal timing for Robertson, who looks set to cash in big on the open market at age 29. He might end up re-signing with the Yankees, but it’ll cost them a whole lot more than it would have six months ago when Robertson was apparently willing to give them a hometown discount."

All true. Hardball Talk then linked the George King III of the New York Post's piece when DRob spoke about his future. DRob said:
"I thought the calls would come but at this point right now I am going to wait and see how the season plays out. It would have to be a legit offer at this point of the year. This offseason I probably would have gone for a discount, although I wasn’t a closer."

Now look, do I want David Robertson back? Of course I do. He's the man. He deserves the best and he deserves a great big contract. Plus, his wife Erin is a doll. All of that is fact. But don't try and force the Yankees hand is all I'm saying. Don't assume you know DRob's the future Yankee closer. The Yankees have other options, they don't NEED to have DRob back.

Robertson is a good solider. He's homegrown and took the closing role and made it his own.  No, he's not Mariano Rivera, but we don't want that out of DRob. We want Houdini and we're thrilled to hear "Sweet Home Alabama" every time he walks out to the mound. All I'm saying is, the Yankees do strange things and move away from players we think should stick around quite a bit.

They spent a ton of money in the off season. So, what makes you think they're gonna spend a ton more on a closer, if they have someone like Betances waiting in the wings? Good question? I'd say so.

Although... 31 saves out of 33... ain't no slouch. Plus, I'd hate Robertson wearing Red Sox red next year... just saying. 

Something to think about.... and I'm not a hater, just being honest.

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