Sunday, August 3, 2014


First of all, I apologize to my audience this morning.  It's my job to bring the Yankee news to you every day and make sure you're engaged and entertained.  I woke up late, something I never do... here's why;

Sometimes you just need to hang with good friends, have alittle wine, a few cigars, some nice steaks, sausage, salads, good spirits and not think about anything but relaxing and enjoying great company.  That happened yesterday with my family and close friends we adore.

Alot of laughs and great times and a lot of amazing food. Not to mention, some great music by Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen on the Bose, and two, 3 inning wiffle ball games that ended in the finals in a lit backyard at midnight.  I'm not kidding.  No, our side didn't win, but we had a blast trying.

That's what the summer is all about. Trying to enjoy yourself a bit.  But look, the reality is, in the back of my mind I knew I needed to give you guys a write up on yesterday's game. But I also knew I just couldn't stop everything going on with my family.  I know you understand and that's why BYB is special. While it happens sometimes, like yesterday, it doesn't happen often, because I know BYB is my second family. Forgive me... and thanks for understanding.

Anyway... there was a game yesterday. This is what happened...

Shane Greene started for the Yankees.  He gave up 6 hits and 3 runs in 4.2 innings.  The only other run given up was by Adam Warren. It seems he gives up runs quite a bit.  This isn't the post to hammer Warren, but don't think I don't notice.  Even though the bullpen has been called "clutch" by guys like Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record, and they truly are, Warren always seems to be the guy allowing runs. In my mind,  it becomes amplified. That being said, the Yankee pitching has been very good.

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the 3rd inning yesterday, Derek Jeter doubled and knocked in Martin Prado and Francisco Cervelli.  Then Jacoby Ellsbury grounded out but Gardy scored.  After a Mark Teixeira ground out, Carlos Beltran singled and  knocked in Jeter.

In the 5th, Tex homered. In the 7th, Stephen Drew doubled and knocked in Beltran. It was 6, and it was enough. Like I said, the pen, especially in the late innings was able to lock down the Sox.

The Yankees won and newly acquired Drew contributed.  In fact, Drew and Prado were both 1-3.

Chase Headley was 1-4.  I believe they'll come around.  I truly believe with their defense and bats, this jolt or injection of talent can really help our club. I do. Maybe it started officially yesterday. We shall see.

Final: Yankees 6 - Red Sox 4 

My own Personal Final yesterday: Family and friends wins! Always great!  It was probably the best day I had in a while blowing off alittle steam... and I'm glad my audience gets it.  Thanks for understanding. You're all the best!

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