Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The Yankees showed signs of life in recent days. Maybe it was having the players of yesteryear assembled to honor Joe Torre that made them examine themselves in the clubhouse mirror and say, “LET’S GO! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!”

Whatever the reason, the Yanks have strung together some wins. Yes, the came at the expense of the lowly Chicago White Sox, but YOU MUST beat the teams you are supposed to beat to play in October. Early in the home stand they dropped 2 to an Astros team that somehow has their number this year…that can’t happen. The club now heads out on the most important road trip of the 2014 season. Every game is a must win at this point, but this trip they will see teams in the playoff hunt. Can they show the same heart and sweep the Motown Cats in Detroit? Well, they better. The Tigers have a thorn in their paw and are limping around lately. They are more prey than predator all of a sudden and the Yankees could move ever closer to that 2nd Wildcard spot…oh yeah, the Monday game against a young and hungry KC team was a nice warm up. The Royals are all grown up it seems. 8-1 last night? Yup... I'll take that.

After a few days in the Midwest enjoying Arthur Bryant’s’ BBQ and some Smokey Robinson songs the Bombers will head to the Great White North and see if that can’t put the Jays to sleep for good. I haven’t understood how Toronto always seems to fade.

They have big bats and the pitching isn’t terrible…and yet…Oh Canada, Joe Carter doesn’t live here anymore. The Yankees HAVE to clip some wings and make them long for some Maple Leaf Hockey. There is nothing else to say.

Brian McCann’s (arguably signature moment as a Yankee) walk off dinger last Sunday could be the wave that turns the tide. Maybe they realize the braces on their “Magic Legs” are breaking off and they can “Run like the wind blows” to steal from the ever poetic Forrest Gump.

This is the time to go, gentlemen. The road is there. Walk the walk. Get it done. Like Captain Jeter has always said, “It’s not the best team that gets it done. It’s the team that plays the best baseball at that right time.” I think every Yankee fan would welcome seeing your best baseball…because that brand hasn’t been on display thus far this season. What do you say, boys? LET’S RUN!!

**I don’t usually play soft rock songs…but when I do I play Jackson Browne…you too? Super. "Let’s GO YANK EES!!”

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
Twitter: @mikeyoh21
   "Paulie was always my favorite player."


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