Monday, August 4, 2014


Yes, the Yankees took 2 of three from the recently pitching challenged Boston Red Sox. Yes, the MIGHTY Brett Gardner seemed to put the Yanks on his back and carry them through the weekend series.

Let’s face it Gardy has allowed the Bombers to piggy back ride his play all season. And yes, JD’s little brother has, thus far, made me eat my words. He and Martin Prado could just be the right guys for the job. In short things are looking up in Yankeeland.

It seems we’ll have Mikey Pinetar, I mean Pineda back soon, and even Masahiro is playing catch again. If all falls into place these Yankees may have a shot to take Captain Jeter back to October…but wait…what’s that sound? Oh dear lord…they’ve come!

The Detroit Tigers are here in New York for 4 BIG games this week. The Yankees might feel good about besting Pedy & Papi, but these MoTown Cats are not the Boston Red Sox…they are loaded and aren’t hoping for October, they are banking on it.

This is not a drill Yankee fans. This will be the Yankees season in my humble opinion. A series win against this club will prove the New York Yankees have heart, fight and the testicular fortitude, aka balls, to take on all challengers. It WILL NOT be easy. The Tigers have pitching…and more pitching. They boast an ALL WORLD rotation with 3 former Cy Young winners and that bearded guy out in their pen…yep, that’s Joba Chamberlain.

Remember Joba? He remembers the Yankees and I firmly believe he will bring is “A” game, 96 plus heater and wipe out slider back to the Bronx. Oh and the Tigers can hit…a TON! Miggy…that’s all you need to know on the offensive side. Detroit is known for building machines and this team might have more muscle than a 57 Chevy.

So, can the Yankees snap into it? Can they realize that they aren’t a Pony League team? Can they look around the clubhouse and see that they have their own ammo in the cannon? I hope so. For so long the Yankees have always been the Goliath to other team’s David…this time the Yankees are the smaller guys…but hey, take heart Brett Gardner IS a smaller guy…and David beat Goliath. Good luck, Yanks. On the week we will honor a Warrior let’s hope #21’s spirit is in the Bronx Bomber’s hearts as they battle these BIG cats.


--Mike O'Hara, MLB Fan Cave Host, Season 1
   Twitter: @mikeyoh21

"Paulie was always my favorite player."

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