Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The Yankees have a major problem and no longer can we just sit back and ask questions about the lacking offense at post game press conferences.  The bottom line is, Girardi doesn't have a clue. Neither does Brian Cashman.  If they did, this problem would be fixed.  I'll tell you something right now, bad routines kill a franchise, and it's clear that without the dabbling of a legit hitting coach to truly shake things up, routines won't change, ruts occur and a cancer forms inside a clubhouse.  Right now, the Yankees have cancer. I hate to sound creepy... but the reality is, losing is a disease, and we need a cure, and fast!  It's got to be fixed, not talked about.

Shake up the lineup! Sit a dude who hasn't contributed. Inject some energy! You need to change it up because if you don't, 8 games out of first place becomes 15 games in a week. Am I serious? Ya damn right I am.

Times ticking ladies and gentlemen, and the Yankees kind of suck.  I hate to say it, because I'm a die-hard, but I don't like the way we've been playing all season.  What the hell is going on?

Michael Pineda returned tonight and other than the dude's hat being crooked, he pitched well and I'm glad he's back.  He's gotta straighten that hat though, it bothers me.  Pineda went 5, he gave up just 2 hits and 1 run.  As the game went on, the Orioles clearly were in it to win it... the Yankees just couldn't get the runs they needed.  The O's scored 1 in the 5th to the Yankees 2.... then, Shawn Kelley literally shit the bed. The Yankee fan base was throwing their remotes at the TV... I know I was.

The 2 Yankee runs happened this way; In  the top of the 3rd, Francisco Cervelli cranked a 2 run homer scoring Stephen Drew.  Other than that, we were flat... again.  Just 6 hits, match the Orioles 6.  Here's the difference... the Orioles want it!  The Yankees? Scoring runs these days is as difficult as a blind man looking for tits on a bull.

It ain't happening.

Final: Orioles 5 - Yankees 3

Stop the talking, start the fixing.  Yankee brass needs to wake up.

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